php editor that works with xampp

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php editor that works with xampp

Postby abdelgarcia » 28. September 2005 21:26

i've tried Zend Studio and NusPhere and i can't debug my projects on it , which editor could be used with xampp?
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Postby Dave_L » 02. October 2005 17:25

On Windows, I use Crimson Editor. It's just a text editor, with no integrated debuggng features, but it has syntax highlighting, and is adequate for my needs.
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Postby Leutnant » 05. October 2005 12:52

im new to "business" and found by searching the forum this helpful topic!

its really good freeware editor; on the download page you also have possibility to download special syntax themes, absolute recommend download!

very nice

thx 8)
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Postby islander » 05. October 2005 15:07

Take a look at Webbuilder 2005 (
Works very nice with Xampp, very quick to launch. a few seconds vs. half a minute with DW8
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Postby wizazz » 08. October 2005 01:05

Try out UltraEdit-32 I use that and it works great .... works well with tons of other html type docs as well
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use PHP Eclipse

Postby jsdev » 09. October 2005 20:59

Use PHP Eclipse:

plus points: free for any use, no license issues at all
stable once setup correctly

I use PHPEclipse for PHP debugging - stepping through, watching variables etc.

use eclipse 3.0.2 not 3.1

read all the steps carefully and follow them meticulously

(3) contains the maximum detailed instructions

lets say you will take minimum one day to set it all up - becasue you are new to Eclipse - but it is all worth it if you get is right - mine is working ever so smoothly since the past month.

Warning: eclipse takes time to get used to - you do not find menu options in places wher you find normal menus on windows - instead you will get them at right -clicks and popup menus - but eclipse is consistent - Eclipse for Java is the same as Eclipse for C is the same as Eclipse for PHP is the same as EClipse for HTML -just that is different from MS software.
Also, you need to start a project to do anything at all -> File ->new ->project etc.

Eclipse is really easy once you get used to it. try it if you have the time.
If you have problems, post here, though I cannot guarantee timely replies.

However, if you do not want step-debugging then echo statements here and there will be helpful :-))
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