New Xampp set up questions.

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New Xampp set up questions.

Postby kaseiffert » 23. September 2005 17:58

Hey all... I have used Apache before but I'm new to Xampp, php, sql, perl, etc...

Just installed and secured Xampp on my mini ITX server at my house (hobby project.)

The default page I want to serve is .html not php. The defaults to the Welcome to Xampp for Windows page instead of my index.html doc that I put in the htdocs directory.

Normally I'd judt edit the apache.conf file to have it look for an html doc first, but I wasn't sure with the Xampp install if that is the proper or only place I need to edit.


I renamed the index.php file in the htdocs folder and that solved the problem, still curious about the .conf files tho... same as regular apache?
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