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Security Password change and i can't login MySQL

PostPosted: 21. September 2005 23:38
by mbd
i change the passwords from

and i could not login with it in phpmyadmin for mysql ...

PostPosted: 21. September 2005 23:41
by Wiedmann

PostPosted: 22. September 2005 01:18
by mbd

PostPosted: 22. September 2005 01:33
by Wiedmann
How did you start MySQL?
- as service
- with the batchfile

Is there a "my.ini" in "%WINDIR%"?

PostPosted: 22. September 2005 03:39
by mbd
as service

PostPosted: 22. September 2005 14:28
by thiagoaos
i change my password too in http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php
but i change apache password, and now when i try to see http://localhost, it ask password, but i put my password and user and doesnt work. Why, i see the file my.ini in windows directory and that only has the mysql password.

PostPosted: 30. October 2005 10:17
by WorldDrknss
user=YourName above password=YourPassword