Maybe this one will get answered :P

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Maybe this one will get answered :P

Postby ~Net Dreamz~ » 14. September 2005 16:41

What control panel works best with xampp, is it better to install xampp as the package that you offer, or to install each individual component, and then configure xampp around those?
~Net Dreamz~
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Postby thekingofcaseys » 19. September 2005 03:16

Most control panels will probably work with xampp all really depends on what your running it with, and how you want it to be set up, ost contol panels will need a license and i dont think there is that many apart from PLESK at the moment the other option is Z Panel which is free but will only work with PHP 4. I would install XAMPP through the installer its so much easier however if you confidnet to install with the ZIP then this would also be advantageous as this does not install any REGISTRY logs into your windows system
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