Can not install!

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Can not install!

Postby esm » 12. September 2005 20:50


I am totally new to XAMPP and I need to learn fast!

When I start the setup_xampp.bat file, I get an error message that "php cli" can not be found and the install must be aborted. What am I doing wrong?


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Postby zAp!! » 13. September 2005 10:04

Hi esm!

If you are going to see the setup_xampp.bat, you can see at line 7:
Code: Select all
if exist php\php.exe GOTO Normal
if not exist php\php.exe GOTO Abort

Now you see, that the php.exe doesn't exists. Search the php.exe and copy it to the php directory.
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Postby esm » 13. September 2005 17:02

Hi zAp!!

There is no php.exe file nor a php folder in the entire XAMPP folder. Now what?
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Postby thekingofcaseys » 19. September 2005 03:19

why not download the installer version of xampp saving you time and effort, download install and configure your security the best option in MHO
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Postby esm » 19. September 2005 17:14

I re-downloaded it and now it installs.

Thanks a lot.

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