Outside Access To My Webserver...

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Outside Access To My Webserver...

Postby winkman » 10. September 2005 05:45

I'm running the XAMPP webserver, (and loving it)
and i'm creating PHP pages, then loading them onto my webserver... (XAMPP) Currently, I can access them through my own server (http://localhost or ) and I can access them through my domain name, but whenever i suggest my friends to go to the site, the page shows up as not found...
I know that the web server (Apache & MySQL) is turned ON, and that i can access the site at the same time, but they can't see it...

If anyone's got any ideas of why they can't see it, please post them...

BTW, I do have a dynamic IP address, (and a dialup web connection) but when I want the server to be available to everyone else I update the IP address so others 'can' see it... :D

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