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PostPosted: 09. September 2005 09:27
by sofrr
HELLO I'M USING xampp 1.4.15 and I'm satisfied about this product but I have a serious problem:I have turned mylanguage settings to utf-8 to the following sections:database,database fields,page properties,php.ini settings and whenever I use a greek character and try to preview it I see symbol like this in my browser:????????
in phpmyadmin I see my greek symbols normally.could you help me?

PostPosted: 09. September 2005 16:37
by deepsurfer
Try in httpd.conf near line 779
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AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1

change it in
Code: Select all
AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-7

if that not good, make a "#" before AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1

restart apache after avery change

PostPosted: 21. October 2005 21:48
by panosRU
i have the same problem! well look i changed the httpd.conf as u say but the problem still exist i chandes charset and in php.ini (i searched my.ini but cant find it) the problem is like that:
greek chars show in phpmyadmin or with a tool like mysql-front
web pages with greek chars show fine the static text but if u request a text with greek chars from mysql thet show only ????????? symbols. some help need here

PostPosted: 29. October 2005 14:50
by trinio
pano, sto my.cnf pou einai sto mysql\bin

allaxe to

character-set-server = latin1
collation-server = latin1_general_ci


character-set-server = greek
collation-server = greek_general_ci

kai meta dose epanekinisi stin mysql