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htdocs, httpd

PostPosted: 04. September 2005 12:26
by abu_gurnah
I was wondering, i want to change localhost/xampp to other drives. because i do format my c: drive couple of time and i tend to forget, any one could help me change the httpd content without affecting another part of code.

PostPosted: 08. September 2005 05:11
by alucard01
just copying your XAMPP installation folder to another place.

e.g. your root xampp is in: c:\xampp\

copy this c:\xampp\



This may help.

PostPosted: 19. September 2005 23:52
by Ruroniarc
I doubt that will work, It'll give you a butt load of errors, you'll have to reinstall Xampp to a new directory, copy selected parts of your HTTPD.CONF file, and replace your drive letters, to make it easier on yourself. I would assume you can keep your htdocs folder though.

Moving xampp to another drive or directory

PostPosted: 07. October 2005 18:53
by keyrocks
Don't know if you've tried it yet or if it your effort was successful or not. But I went through this very thing just a couple of weeks ago, after having to replace a dying hard drive.

Moving the xampp folder around after it is installed creates complications as the default file-paths no longer apply. In my case, it was far easier to transfer all of my project folders & files OUT of the htdocs folder, and my database folder out of the mysql/data folder, to a safe location (in my case on my backup hard drive), then delete the whole xampp folder and do the new install where I wanted it located.

Following that, it was simply a matter of re-creating the database - by pasting the folder into the same location (mysql/data). Then I copied all of my 'safe' htdocs folders and files back into the new htdocs folder.

Everything worked like a charm.