getting to mysql console

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getting to mysql console

Postby birdofprey » 29. August 2005 03:10

how do I bring up the console for mysql? I try by going to mysqld in bin folder of mysql. But, when I open that file, ms-prompt would show up and pause for a few seconds with nothing on it, then it just close by itself.
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Postby bikeman » 01. September 2005 21:53

phpmyadmin is in the tools section of the xampp main screen - or did I misunderstand your question?
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Postby birdofprey » 02. September 2005 02:17

yes you did. What I wanted to do is call out mysql using ms-promt console or something similar to it so i could enter every single data manually.

While we're at the phpmyadmin subject, I copy the whole folder and placed it in my root dir, when I try to pull it up I get access denied. I haven't configure anything in the config file. Since I haven't set a pw for the root. I see that I have no reason to put in the password. So what else am I missing?
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If you insist !

Postby cj_nza » 06. September 2005 12:21

If you want to enter `every single data manually` you could use phpMyAdmin in tools and select SQL and type everything you want in the window provided for the purpose. You have the chance of correcting syntax and other errors, copy and paste complex queries to txt or sql files for later use whilst maintaining most of the manual entering experience (witout some of the frustration during the learning process - which I assume you are) You could also use something like MySQL Query Browser from and also type out your queries manually.

Or if you really want to, you could use mysql (not mysqld) in the bin directory of mysql in xampp through the dos shell.
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