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Postby birdofprey » 27. August 2005 05:24

I was able to get xampp to work!!!!! All I had to do was to format my laptop.. Anyways, if I want to change the document root, and all those other settings does Xampp have a feature in their control panel or I have to do it manually by look for the file?
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Postby Bugman » 27. August 2005 14:01


Bit drastic but hey it worked! Yay

No, you have to edit the httpd.conf file in the conf folder in apache folder

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Postby birdofprey » 27. August 2005 19:41

As for the other stuff such as, mysql, smtp and all those other goodies. is there a way for me to use them without relocating them? since I change the document root. my php scripts assumed that all those function and modules are located in the root folder.
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Postby keepsedge » 28. August 2005 03:36

mysql shuld be functioning fin as it has nothing to do with apache

smpt and the other goodies ive never bothered to use so I dunno.

reguardless of where you php scripts are located, as long as apache's conf file is set to their directory they'll parse. The moduals for php reside under xampp's root where they should be. Since php's configuration points there for the moduals.
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