Searching for a quick tutorial and veteran advices

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Searching for a quick tutorial and veteran advices

Postby FPauze » 22. August 2005 14:17

I tried the english doc section of the apachfriends web site and only found few FAQ. I'm really new to web server 'cause i'm just graduating in a very theorical IT Master specialized in graph theory... this is my first try on appach, website hosting and so on.

My goal is to build an SQL database with a nice html look for a company where nobody except me knows somethin about computers outside MSoffice. The first step is just to have this database accessible on a small local intranet (5 computers plus a server).

For those who are ok to guide me a bit here is where i am in my project:
The domain server (win 2003 server) is ok (i've difficult understanding why, it seems the MS doc is ok enough to let a dummie as i am fill few parameters and it work:-)
The html pages are allmost ok.
The php blocs sliced inside the html are just rough drafts, but they are quite simple so i hope to fix it by myself). But for now i got no ways to test it.
I tested localy the sql part (database tables definition and querries) on one of the computers: its seems ok, i think i just have to copy it on the server.

Now the big issue is to make it work together.

I just DL'ed the XAMPP kit and it seems to be ok with Appach and MySQL server runing as services (thanks to the appachfriends for develloping an interface that allow random clicks n' go ;-)
More precisely i got some issues:
Where placing all the stuff (essentially the PhP/HTML part i think the database stay in the kind of MySQL\etc.... directory where it have been created but in the server) ?
How to do it with XAMPP ?

... and learning german to understand the doc of XMPP.

More generaly where can i found good tutorials in french or english about appach and XAMPP ?

Thx for any help.
I can read answers in both french(maybe it's prefereable to use PM for that) and english.
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Postby Bugman » 23. August 2005 16:02


Place XMAPP folder in the main hardrives root. E.g. C:\

Not sure how to transfer the mysql database, but you can dump it. So i suggest you dump it and then reload it into the new database.

With regard to making it work on 2003, try starting it off and see what happens

This document here might help you a bit:

And this one too ... ork+server

Failing that, search google

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Thank you !

Postby FPauze » 23. August 2005 16:54

I'll give a look at the links.

Google was the logical start for me (it's the way i found this place) but sometime too much answers seems to be bad as too few this is why i ask for some advices.
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