Website on a DVD possible with XAMPP?

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Website on a DVD possible with XAMPP?

Postby Tinjaw » 11. August 2005 14:42

Hello All,

I am researching a project, trying to determine what is in the realm of the possible. The following is an idea I had, but not sure if it is possible.

I want to put XAMPP and a whole AMP-based website on a DVD. I want 100% of it to run off the DVD itself without installing anything on the computer it is being used on, however, I know that is probably 100% impossible.

My second choice is to have a "no install" solution which only puts temporary files in the standard TEMP directory on the computer it is running on. Almost all of the MySQL will be read-only.

Can anybody here provide some insite into whether this might be possible? Has any crazy person :twisted: actually tried this yet?
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Postby scranmer » 12. August 2005 10:12


Your MAD! However I do like your idea, I am unable to help technicaly but if you need any DB / SQL or some PHP help I may be able to lend a hand.

Good luck,


PS You may need some of the info I'm looking into at the moment which is to strip down the amount of memory and resouce useage since the number of concurrent hits will be very low.
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