Setting passwords and websites...

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Setting passwords and websites...

Postby Raistlfiren » 10. August 2005 08:58

I'm sorry due to the fact that I may not be all here right now, but I have a few simple questions.. (Well at least I hope) My first question is what passwords do I need to set and how? I believe I read in the readme that MySQL needs to be set... How do I do that and are there anymore passwords that need to be set? I can not find a file to set it in MySQL. I was also wondering what security measures I need to take for these new internet programs I installed. I recently had AppServ on my computer, but I thought this maybe of more value to me because it has tons of programs of interest...

My last question is about the web server. I believe it is found under htdocs\XAMPP... I was wondering if you guys could tell me how I would setup my own website... What file do I need to change to put my own website files for my webpage?

Thanks for any help/information,
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