PHP embeded into HTML

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PHP embeded into HTML

Postby nandoskid » 07. August 2005 09:30

Hey everyone. First of all let me say i just stumbled onto XAMPP, and i think it has so far been the best find in my conquest to learn PHP.

Anyways onto my problem ...

I am having an issue trying to run a HTML file with PHP code in it. Here is a copy of the file i created called ex3-2.htm ...

<h3>This part is written in HTML</h3>
echo "This was written in PHP using echo";

The html portion loads up ok, but then the rest of it is blank. It's like the PHP code gets left out.

If i create a pure PHP file and load it on its own, it works fine (ex3-1.php).

I have tried to look at the text book i am learning from and there is no mention as to why the php code is being left out, even though this is an exercise i copied from a book.

If anyone can tell me what i am doing wrong, it will be much appreciated.
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Postby Dave_L » 07. August 2005 10:21

In order for PHP code within a file to get interpreted, the file extension must be .php, so that Apache knows to examine the file for embedded PHP code. If you rename ex3-2.htm to ex3-2.php, then it should work correctly.

You could modify that behavior by changing the Apache configuration file httpd.conf, but that's generally not a good idea.
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Postby nandoskid » 09. August 2005 13:32

Yes it has worked. I think i am following a badly written book.

Thanks for the help :)
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