XP Home Install Issues

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XP Home Install Issues

Postby j m c » 06. August 2005 20:43


I have Windows XP Home, SP2 installed. I have made several attempts to install XAMPP 1.4.14 with the installer. Everything appears to work fine. It installs, and I can use the Control Center to start both Apache and MySQL. The problem is when I try to open a browser to view either localhost or, the browser times out. I have tried both Firefox and IE with the same results.

I tried looking at the README file, but that only contains instructions for installing from the ZIP version. So, I uninstalled again and tried to install via the ZIP file, following the instructions in the README file. Again, this did not work.

I'm confused, as the Control Center states Apache is running, yet nothing works in the browsers. I installed this on my PC at work, which is running XP Pro, SP2. It worked beautifully, and I liked the package better than what I've been using here at home (phpdev). So, I removed phpdev and tried installing XAMPP. phpdev worked fine on this PC (albeit, Apache 1.3).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be? Is there some reason Apache2 won't work with XP Home? The whole reason I looked at a packaged WAMP approach is because I could never get Apache2 to work...

Thanks for your help!
j m c
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Postby Bugman » 23. August 2005 15:55


Works fine on my Xp home with SP2

Have you made sure that the place that the httpd.conf is refercning for your files actually exists.

Also, have you looked at windows>system32>drivers>etc>hosts

There should be a line in this file (open with notepad) which says: localhost

Also, make sure your firewall (both XPs and whatever else) is allowing it to work. The work one may have the firewall turned off hence the problem your getting

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