mySQL will not start

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mySQL will not start

Postby =P= » 04. August 2005 20:59

Installed Xampp two days ago - I've used lite for ages and moved up to the full version.

Using Xampp Control, I cannot start mySQL.
The 'Stopped' flashes very quickly when I click 'Start'

I have run xampp-portcheck-1.2-Wiedmann.exe and that shows I have nothing running, yet I still cannot start mySQL using control.

If I click on the mysql_start.bat, it starts without a problem. So it's not a huge problem .... any ideas what I might have done wrong ? (And yes I have changed pw's but that was done through Xampp so I assume it took care fo any and all settings as it does run fine otherwise.

XP SP2 and all updates.
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Postby chainzz » 05. August 2005 08:58

I have this problem too.
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copy conf files

Postby j_chakraverty » 07. August 2005 06:13

copy my_example.cnf to your windows fisr disk root primarily c:
rename it my.cnf

See if it works
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Postby =P= » 07. August 2005 23:48

Where do I find my_example.cnf ?
I cannot find it in my xampp directory
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