2 problems.

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2 problems.

Postby b33p » 29. July 2005 17:26

First of all, i want to thank you for this service. And now the problems ;
The defult index screen is the /xampp/splash.php, i want a custom index screen. Since i use a dns service, the name of my webpage is b33p.shacknet.nu - and i cant have -myip-/b33p connected to my shacknet adress. So thats importent for me to fix.

And how mange to to a custom 404 screen? They cant mail to admin@localhost you know ;)

/ b33p
/ b33p
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Postby rift » 29. July 2005 20:06

take a ook in: your-xamppfolder\apache\conf at the file httpd.conf

search in that file for "404" ... at the end of the document you find a short description how to include your own errorfiles instead of the standard ones.

the following is a snipped from my httpd.conf

Code: Select all
# Customizable error response (Apache style)
#  these come in three flavors
#    1) plain text
#ErrorDocument 500 "The server made a boo boo.
#  n.b.  the single leading (") marks it as text, it does not get output
#    2) local redirects
#ErrorDocument 404 /missing.html
#  to redirect to local URL /missing.html
#ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/missing_handler.pl
#  N.B.: You can redirect to a script or a document using server-side-includes.
#    3) external redirects
#ErrorDocument 402 http://some.other-server.com/subscription_info.html
#  N.B.: Many of the environment variables associated with the original
#  request will *not* be available to such a script.

# Customize behaviour based on the browser
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