Compatibility with Windows IIS

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Compatibility with Windows IIS

Postby Jacky Kenna » 28. July 2005 16:59

I am Newish to all this.

I have been using Dreamweaver and the book I chose uses ASP and IIS. I do not want to drop that compleatly and yet I want to use Php and Mysql. Idealy |I would like to use Apache friends bundle.

Will I be able to run ASP / IIS and the apachee bundle also on localhoast.

Looking forward to getting a responce

All the Best
Jacky Kenna
Jacky Kenna
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Postby alucard01 » 01. August 2005 12:29

The problem is: Apache use port 80, IIS use port 80, when you start XAMPP while running IIS, you MUST got an error. (Cannot bind to TCP/IP address)

You MAY TRY to change apache listened port to avoid this problem, however....

My case:
My company use IIS. And I tried to run XAMPP together with IIS but fail ( I am using Win2k3 server).

My suggestion is, to avoid potential problem, you can choose EITHER IIS OR XAMPP, NOT BOTH.

Maybe something has successful experience but I don't have it so I won't suggest you to do it.

Another solution is, use another new machine with a brand new IP, completely separated your apache from IIS...

Hope it helps
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