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XAMPP Admin-Addon, Xampp Daddy

Postby rift » 25. July 2005 15:55

Hi guys,

i would only shortly inform you, that i am working on an xampp administrationtool which is programmed in delphi.
i started to program this little application because i had problems with the xampp default admintool. this administrationtool will be availible in german and english.

here is a featurelist:


- Multi language support (english and german)


- Overview about the status of apache, mysql, php and mercury
- Start, stop and restart apache, mysql, php and mercury services
- General overview of all system services
- Detection of software that could interupt the functionality of xampp (like firewalls, emule or xpantispy for example)


- Starting php-switch
- Show php_info()
- Show PEAR_info()
- Show all loaded PHP-Extensions
- Show all loaded PHP-Extensions including their functions
- PHP benchmark


- Systeminformationoverview

If anybody is interested to test my software or has some ideas for additional features, feel free to send me a pm :)

Finally here is a screenshot of my first version programmed last week. i know it looks a bit empty but i have no other screenshot at the moment.

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