Problem on config and starting apache

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Problem on config and starting apache

Postby alucard01 » 25. July 2005 13:31

Hi all.

My company just gave me an ip for a website building with XAMPP, with another MS IIS run at the same time.

IIS server site A:
IIS server site B:

Part of my httpd.conf:
Listen #this is the IP that was given for XAMPP
serveradmin <email-address>
documentroot "c:/xampp/htdocs/mambo"

The problem is, when I use xampp-start.exe, it prompt error:

<OS 10013> <something like:>Refuse to connect to port, permission denied: make_sock:could not bind to address

However, when I change the port listen from to, IT WORKS FINE, BOTH APACHE AND IIS!!!

So, can anybody please help? I cannot use port 8080 but I have also no idea doing search in google....

Thanks in advances.
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