XAMPP Beginner needs help.

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XAMPP Beginner needs help.

Postby matt_fugitive » 23. July 2005 03:00

I'm running Windows XP Pro. I have a router with it configured to open port 80. I just downloaded and installed XAMPP cuz someone told me it was easier to setup and run then the actual Apache server. So yeah, I just installed the XAMPP package and have done nothing else yet. What do I do now??? I plan on hosting my website from this computer and I already have my WWW name setup. I just gotta get the computer to allow people to view my site and I don't know where to configure all this junk. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby alucard01 » 24. July 2005 07:49

1. pls make sure your ISP allow outside people to access your computer via port 80. If not, change your port.

2. ASSUMING THAT YOU CONFIGURE YOUR PORT PROPERLY, you can config your httpd.conf <virtualhost> directive to accept incoming connection. (Pls go google on how to config this directive...)

3. Once you setup your virtualhost directive, you can ask your friends to try to access your website, coz some router may not allow loopback connection (i.e. when you type your website address in IE/Firefox, you cannot access your website, but other people can access it...)

4. Fix all errors that occur, and if you don't know how to fix it, pls post here. We can try to solve your prob. :>

Hope it helps.
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