cannot find server

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cannot find server

Postby xudzh » 20. July 2005 23:49

Ok. I got a xampp problem. I've posted at apachefriends website.

First, when i installed xampp by setup_xampp.bat and started apache and mysql. I went to http://localhost/ and everything worked fine. I went to the security page and it said that lots of things are unsecure so i followed the link to setup passwords. (I think the textboxes are "Username", "Password", and "Confirm password." ) Two files were updated. Then I went to phpmyadmin and it has a htaccess password box. I typed my username and password and didn't work. I typed "root" and password and it didn't work either. Then I accidentally typed the username without a password and hit "enter" and I'm logged in! But inside there was only "Test" database. The other one that originally came with xampp were gone. So I knew i had a problem. I asked online and someone told me to reinstalle xampp and I did.

This time it's under C:\xampp (it wasn't this the first time and some links weren't working.) (Oh btw i throw the old one into Recycle Bin.) I restarted "setup_xampp.bat" "apache_start.bat" and "mysql_start.bat". Then I went to localhost and it's "cannot find server." I disabled my firewalls and still nothing. :( I completely deleted this one and brought back my old one from Recycle Bin. Nothing.

This morning when I was about to ask on Apachefriends I tried localhost one more time and it surprisingly worked! But there's still the phpMyAdmin problem. And i can't create new databases with phpmyadmin. Access denied my mysql. I tried to connect with a php script but I can only connect with the username without a password. I was tired and that ended my morning.

Then about half an hour ago I decided to reinstall xampp to get back its original settings. This time I copied the xampp folder as instructed on apachefriends and pasted under C:\xampp. Then setup xampp and started apache and mysql. No luck. I deleted that one and went back to my old one and it's not working again! Apache's clearly running but my IE just doesn't seem to recognize it. I use start_xampp.exe and still nothing. (I pinged localhost and that's working.) What should I do?

Sorry if this is a duplicated post I just want both Germans and English people to help. I use the google translater.
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Guess the users here aren't that helpful

Postby xudzh » 23. July 2005 02:13

Well, it's two days now and no one's replying. On other forums I usually get replies within an hour! But that's ok, since I solved the problem when my friend helped me.

So, to others who might later search this problem, here's the solution:

1. Remove all instances of XAMPP. ( You can do it with the windows search. Ctrl+F, search "setup_xampp.bat" to find all the folders. )

2. Download the binary version. ( the installer one . ) DON'T run it.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Install xampp with the default directory (C:\apachefriends\xampp\)

5. After the Install Wizard exits don't run setup_xampp.bat

6. Run xampp control panel and everything's done!

( 7. Make sure to set your firewalls to allow apache and mysql . )
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