phpinfo() does not work

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phpinfo() does not work

Postby w011117 » 22. June 2005 00:49

Can anyone tell me what might be wrong....
Have XAMPP installed.
I start apache by itself thru .bat file (have own MySQL server)
I can run simple php program with "echo" command.
When I put in the phpinfo() call in this program my system wil return whatever browser page I am on the first time. 2nd time it will just hang the browser until I hit "stop".

Is there something special I need to do to get XAMPP to work?

What could this be?

If I am in the wrong post to get an answer, where should I post the question?

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Postby calvinscy » 22. June 2005 01:52

A checklist, may be it will help....

- Sure the phpinfo() is in a .PHP file?
- Sure this .PHP file is under hotdoc/xampp folder?
- Sure <? and ?> is before and after phpinfo()?

Hope is will solve your problem.....
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Sure phpinfo() works on another machine

Postby w011117 » 23. June 2005 00:35


I am sure that the phpinfo() file is working.
I tried it on a machine where everything is working.....

Don't know what to try next?

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Postby alucard01 » 29. June 2005 05:13

have you done this:

run the setup_xampp(or sth like that) after extract xampp and before start your web server?

Hope it helps
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