The requested URL /xampp/splash.php was not found on this...

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The requested URL /xampp/splash.php was not found on this...

Postby interaktiv » 14. June 2005 18:25

The requested URL /xampp/splash.php was not found on this server.

Guys! Why must it be found on a virtual server with its own Document Root?
My httpd.conf as follows:

Code: Select all

DocumentRoot c:/internet/xsoft/xampp/htdocs
ServerName localhost

DocumentRoot c:/internet/ws
ServerName website

When I am going to localhost, I understand why It goes to localhost/xampp/splash.php

But how may I stop it doing the same for my virtual hosts? http://website/index.php - works correct.

Please answer in english.
Thanks a lot.

Max Shkurenko :!:
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Postby Wiedmann » 14. June 2005 18:34

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