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xampp on dsl sites not accessible

PostPosted: 14. June 2005 13:40
by bilakios
I have been using XAMPP with ISDN 64k connection and i was hosting locally five different sites (names obtained from
A few days ago I've upgraded my internet connection to dsl and since then nobady can see my sites .I think my dsl modem hides the local ip address from the world so I must do port forwarding but I have no idea of how this is done!
If anyone can help i'd be gratefull!!

PostPosted: 29. June 2005 11:49
by alucard01
You can do it in your router. access your router and do configuration.

xampp on dsl sites not accessible

PostPosted: 29. June 2005 15:34
by bilakios
thanks alucard01
I think I solved the problem by doing the port forwarding,
However I can only see one of the websites (I was hosting 5) .
I can always get to the sites through http://localhost/subdirectory
and test my code and since that's all I want to do I am not really desperate but you know how it is "if there is a problem we've got to solve it" for fun and glory !! :D

PostPosted: 29. June 2005 17:20
by alucard01
I see. You have already had one BIG step forward.

Now, you can see in your httpd.conf file, and read the <virtualhost> directive.

My case is, add as many <virtualhost> as you have your web sites. If you have 5 sites, you may have 5 <virtualhost> directive.

Well actually, I am not very good at configuring apache, you therefore have to read related config about <virtualhost> or do your research through web about this tags.

Hope it helps.

xampp on dsl sites not accessible(SOLVED)

PostPosted: 02. October 2005 17:27
by bilakios
I have not being able to host multiple sites since I've changed my internet connection to dsl
I have a dynamic IP address and I use "no-ip"dynamic client.
I also have five names registered with and I had created five virtual hosts :, etc .
Since I changed to dsl I could only see the initial page of XAMPP and I could only see the sides locally by typing their directory
eg "http://localhost/name2/index.php."
But now I think I solved the problem so here is how:
1)Find in your computer the file hosts situated usually in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc ,open it with notepad and you should see something like
.... localhost add on a new line the new sites ie:
.... and on a new line
.... etc and save the file (you may have to take the read only attribute off)
2)go to your ...\apachefriends\xampp\apache\conf directory and open the http.conf file (make a backup copy first) and find where it says :
Listen and add the following lines
Listen etc....

3) scrool down to the end of the file and find the place where you have created the virtual hosts and make the following changes:
instead of :
change to:
<VirtualHost> for the first virtual host
change to:
<VirtualHost> for the second virtul host
Save the file
4)the numbers 100, 110, 120, etc are the port numbers that apache is listening on for the sites so you have to do the famous [b]port forwarding [/b] and allow your computer to open these ports

Thats all the changes you have to do so restart xampp
and now you should be able to see your sites by entering ""on your browser (ie)
I hope it works OK for you people as it did for me