Could not connect to database

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Could not connect to database

Postby agb » 12. June 2005 17:35

Can someonse please help me in resolving the "phpBB: Critical Error Could not connect to database" error?

Been trying to clean install phpbb2 (phpbb-php5) in XAMPP Windows 1.4.13 (as localhost) - have edited/updated php.ini

Have used the xamppstart/xamppstop, the apachestart/apachestop + mysqlstart/mysqlstop...used xampp with installer and the zip to no avail :(

..been doing it for a couple of hours and still could not figure it out :(
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Postby keepsedge » 13. June 2005 13:43

delete the db and the forums.

in phpmyadmin create a database. "forumsdb"

Reinstall the forums somewhere and use the root name and pasword for db access. This isn't recomended on a live server. But good for testing / moding phpbb software.

Phpbb will not conect to a db if your username / password combination is wrong.

Next ensure that your mysql server is running. In windows task manager, you find under process (xp only) my-sql-id thats the sql server.. if it's not there.. you have a problem.. Of course of the mysql server isn't working.. you will not be able to use phpmyadmin either.
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Postby agb » 14. June 2005 03:59

Thanks keepsedge :P

I did what you asked and I keep getting the same error, then I realized I was using the wrong username :oops: (kept forgetting this is a packaged web server)

...this is my first time using a packaged webserver - I was previously using a self-installed web server (local host).

lesson for me: never do an install during a weekend (and with a hangover) :roll:
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