Apache does not start up

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Apache does not start up

Postby ihmt » 11. June 2005 23:00

I seem to have gone through a similar problem.

I went through the installation OK with no errors, using the easy autoexecutable option (simple and clean). I noticed that "setup_xampp.bat" did not ask me for option 1 or 2 as stated in "readme.txt".
When I execute "apache_start.bat", it opens the CMD window and immediately closes. So as to catch the error in the window, I inserted a "pause" in the BAT. The error I get is more or less (part is in Spanish):

"<OS 10048> Only one usage of each socket address is permitted (<<<translated part): make_sock could not bind to address
No listening sockets available, shutting down. Unable to open logs."

I also tried the option I read in this thread: apache -t. The message I get is: "Syntax OK".
If I enter "apache" on its own, I get the error message I mentioned at the beginning.

I've also taken a peek at "C:\Archivos de programa\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini" and the configuration for my main folder (archivos de programa) seems to be correct.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Postby keepsedge » 13. June 2005 13:49

check firewall settings... thats a way invalid ip. No network device has an IP of using port 443. Aslo try reinstalling the program.

if you continue getting this error.. check your pc's network configuration.. (run the network setup wizard).
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Postby ihmt » 22. June 2005 15:41

This is simply beyond me. I've no idea about ports, etc... I give up!!!

Thanks anyway for your kind help.
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