Easy to use MySQL Client Software

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Easy to use MySQL Client Software

Postby garymwilson » 10. June 2005 11:13


I have looked at the basic documentation that comes with MySQL in the xammp package but it's all command based for creating databases and tables. Given that I already have a database in Access, I would like an easier way of creating this or transferring into MySQL.

Are there any easy to use front-ends to MySQL that will help here? I do not mind re-creating the database and tables from scratch if necessary and junking the data in Access.

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Postby Wiedmann » 10. June 2005 11:30

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Postby scebbrell » 11. June 2005 02:39

In the meantime a little utility to convert your current data can be found at http://www.bullzip.com//products.php
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