Running PstgreSQL in xampp 1.4.13

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Running PstgreSQL in xampp 1.4.13

Postby Pule » 09. June 2005 09:30

I'm having problems running xampp with postgresql8.0 in window XP pro...
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Re: Running PstgreSQL in xampp 1.4.13

Postby smacedo » 17. June 2005 12:03

Pule wrote:I'm having problems running xampp with postgresql8.0 in window XP pro...

As far as I know, xampp does not support Postgres, at least on Windows.

I installed PostgreSQL 8.0.3, which has a fantastic installer for windows now, and does not need MingW or Cygwin - it's finally native Win32.

The problem seems to be that php does not include pg_connect and pg_* functions, so, for most uses (php), xampp still does not support Postgres, despite it being (very recently) made available for windows, natively and with a 1-2-3 installer.

Does anybody have a suggestion? I mean - MySQL is good for some cases, but one can't really call it a database... no FKEYs, no transactions, no record level locks... (I know, I know, there is an extension now for those)

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Postby alucard01 » 29. June 2005 13:32

Dunno if it helps:

I have already setup and install postgresql 8.0.2 in my WinXP Pro, which is separately install from XAMPP.

I download phppgadmin and extract it under xampp/htdocs/phppgadmin

When I access phppgadmin, it can access to my postgresql 8.0.2
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Postby docbrij » 02. July 2005 07:21

I think is the best bet for an integrated MySQL and Pgsql platform.

I hope XAMPP (which is supported by PHP Plug-In for Eclipse) should integrate pgsql ASAP.

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