how do i get a mail form to work

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how do i get a mail form to work

Postby ventura » 30. May 2005 23:12

i have installed xampp on windows server 2003 and i have the murcury mail server working but if i want to make a mail form on a website to have someone submit mail to me, how would i get this to work via the mail server.

I can make the forms in dreamweaver but im not sure what code i need to put were to make it work.
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Postby thekingofcaseys » 10. June 2005 03:32

you would also need to run this from your CGI-BIN so you would nearl pearl on your server, as they always say google is your best friends type "Script +mail form" into the search bar im sure you will find something to get you started..
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