SQL or PHP problems

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SQL or PHP problems

Postby Spearhawk » 29. May 2005 17:58

Hello, I have this problem...I try to install a few moduels and sql database stuff like nukejoke or quizz and every time I do as it says and its installed but when I get to the admin and click the buttong I always get get messages like

Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in D:\xampp\htdocs\admin\modules\quizz.php on line 17
Access Denied

and I heard that it has something to do with php 5 thats needs to be php 4 or something like that and I was wondering how do I fix this and how do I fix the problems there with the MySQL?

Thank you...
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Postby sckoh » 30. May 2005 00:57

1. As for your error message, you need to check db table.
2. I don't know what the quizz is but don't think that it occurs from php5.
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Postby Spearhawk » 30. May 2005 02:32

Nuke Quizz is a module that lets you put up quizzes in the webpage, as kind of games.

This error occurs all the time when trying to install other modules thet requires me to run sql stuff into database. Every time I add things it just don't show and when it shows it comes that error.

Someone told me that I got to revert from using php to php4 and there was somewhere explained how I do that. Some stuff don't work with the new php or if it was the new sql.

Thank you
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