newbie security question

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newbie security question

Postby lumpylemon » 24. May 2005 16:06


i've installed xampp 1.4.13 on windows xp using the installer, no problems at all, everything running smoothly.

i want to use it only for my own development purposes (to teach myself php and sql without having to upload to a website every time i change my code), not as a server for anyone else to be able to access.

i am permanently connected to the internet via a wireless router (netgear) and a firewall (sygate personal).

are there any security measures i need to take, so that no one at all can see my files? i want my installation to be completely invisible to the outside world, ideally so that no one even knows i am running apache/php/sql.

is this possible?

thanks very much
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Postby skcll » 24. May 2005 17:38

I have the exact opposite problem. No one can see my stuff.

So if you did your install correctly and you view your pages by going to http://localhost , I don't think you have a problem.
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Postby the-piep » 24. May 2005 18:51

I think router and firewall should block any requests to your localhost...
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Postby skcll » 24. May 2005 19:56

unfortunately. any idea how to get around that?
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Postby skcll » 25. May 2005 01:32

if you don't set up a virtual server, I don't think anyone can see your stuff.
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Postby sckoh » 26. May 2005 09:36

Hello, simon.
You don't have to worry about it.
The best idea is to cut off internet line to secure the maximum safety.
Else, if you connect to internet line, security may be lowered and it is nature.

In case somebody penetrated into your system and broke it, all you have to do is to restore with backup images.
Tha's why everytime I told you to make backup periodically.

If you worry about traffic accident, keep inside home.
If you don't want food poisoning, don't eat anything.
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