no one can acceses my web Pages exept me

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no one can acceses my web Pages exept me

Postby productive1 » 18. May 2005 22:10

Hello, All

Im haveing problems with the public viewing my pages
My freind tried to see if he could see my site but nothing happend
But when I try I can.

Can some give a few pointers?

Thank You :!:
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Postby Shizzle » 28. May 2005 07:06

make sure that your friend(s) is using the right link to your site... they would want to go to your site via your IP address... containing website/

the folder containing your site can be for instance a nuke installation or just a index.html file

hope that helps... also if you are behind a router that will affect people connecting to your site which is the problem I am encountering :wink:
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Postby sckoh » 28. May 2005 08:28

Hi, producrive1
Why don't you open your site address.
You are requested to send me Mercury.ini.
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