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One tracker on two computers?

PostPosted: 16. May 2005 18:19
by Nicklas
I got a bittorrent tracker and when my computer is of i want it to redirect to my friends computer in another state..his is allways online so can we have 2 online at the same time? or does this work at all?
and it have to update or somethins so all members that registred on my server can access my friend computer...

Hope you understood what i meen...

Regards Nicklas

PostPosted: 17. May 2005 09:59
by foxxx428
Not a clue. Please post more info. I'm not totally sure but don't Torrent servers run on a different port? I know it's not port 80 so you'd have to open whatever ports on your router.

PostPosted: 17. May 2005 15:38
by Nicklas
yes it runs on port 80.. and i want the tracker to run on 2 computers or one when the other is off...