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VHost Problem

Postby nickm » 10. May 2005 14:13


I am using the latest version of xampp. The problem I am having is that my VHosts, which used to work fine, dont work anymore.

This is what the relavent section of my httpd.conf looks like:

#Mysite2 Virtual Host
<VirtualHost *>
ServerName www.mysite2.ath.cx
ServerAlias www.mysite2.ath.cx mysite2.ath.cx
DocumentRoot C:/apachefriends/xampp/htdocs/redirect/mysite2/

The problem is that when I goto www.mysite2.ath.cx instead of going to the DocRoot I specify (/redirect/mysite2/) it just goes to the global (normal) DocRoot (C:/apachefriends/xampp/htdocs).

Any ideas?
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Postby nickm » 14. May 2005 13:16

somebody must know!!
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Postby alucard01 » 15. May 2005 15:35

What if (just if) you commented the documentroot directive which defined at the first few lines of httpd.conf?

I mean just use the documentroot in your <virtualhost> tag but disable the one which is exclusively specified?
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Postby nickm » 15. May 2005 16:33

thanks, I will try that later
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