eAccelerator error after install (1.4.13-installer)

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eAccelerator error after install (1.4.13-installer)

Postby NuttyInTx » 06. May 2005 15:25

Hello All,

Today I was reinstalling my test webserver OS and all. The Xampp installed just fine without any errors. But I got a nice error when trying to startup apache.

[eAccelerator] This build of "eAccelerator" was compiled for PHP version 5.0.4. Rebuild it for your PHP version (5.0.3) or download precompiled binaries.

Looks like the installer is grabbing the worng version of Accelerator.

For those of you who get this error. Here is how you fix it.
Go to your install of Xampp and go into the PHP folder. In here, there should be an extensions folder. Open that up.

Backup your current eaccelerator.dll file.
Download your correct binary version from this website:


(note: the link was obtained from the eAccelerator's website for precompiled binaries)

Save the file to the PHP Extension folder.
Rename the file to eaccelerator.dll
You should now beable to startup apache.

For those of you who switch your PHP version alot for testing scripts, like I do. Follow these instructions:

Download the eAccelerator for both versions of PHP you are switching between and save them in the PHP Extensions folder.

In the php folderfind and edit the following:

Edit PHP.ini (this is the config file for PHP4)
Search for extension=eaccelerator.dll
rename the eaccelerator.dll to match the file you downloaded for PHP4.x.x.

Edit PHP5.ini and PHP5-safemode.ini
Search for extension=eaccelerator.dll
Raname to match the accelerator file for PHP 5 that you downloaded.

Example: extension=eaccelerator_win_5.0.3.dll

You should be all set now.
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