Two Servers on One Machine

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Two Servers on One Machine

Postby Mark007 » 01. May 2005 16:32

Hey all,

I currently have a server running on my machine with Apache 1.3, MySQL 4.0.16-nt, Perl, and Mod_Perl that I'm using for development of one site. However, I just recieved the responsibility to manage another server for which a friend suggested I use XAMPP. I've installed XAMPP on my machine, and I was wondering if there was anything special I needed to do to make sure both servers can work on the same machine. I'm a little concerned that my non-XAMPP server will have problems now that the XAMPP one has been installed, and I would like to make sure that doesn't happen.

I appreciate all replies :)

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Postby prathapml » 01. May 2005 22:18

If you're not doing both for localhost:
Just change the server-name directive (in httpd.conf) of one of the two - change from "localhost" to "yourdomain.tld".

If you DO need both working with a localhost address, then change the "Listen" directive (from httpd.conf) of one of the two - change from "80" to "600" or anything else you like.
The listen value corresponds to the port on which the Apache server listens. The default is port 80. If you change to 600, then you'd be able to access the 2 sites in this way (example):
http://localhost/index.htm (this is the unchanged server, on port 80)
http://localhost:600/index.htm (the changed server, on port 600)

NOTE: If both the Apaches are running SSL as well, then you need to also change the listening port from SSL.conf (ssl module is the one that gives you "https://" secure functionality).

Do post back on how it goes!
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