Mrecury and sending mails

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Mrecury and sending mails

Postby hotnuts21 » 29. April 2005 15:49

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get oscommerce working with mercury?

I have mercury running, and oscommerce is telling me that the email is sent, but I never receive it :(

What settings do I need to change and where to get it working?

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Postby foxxx428 » 02. May 2005 03:57

I can almost swear that Mercury doesn't work with Windows and Xampp but Wiedmann swears it does! :?
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Postby prathapml » 03. May 2005 01:06

haha, nice way of putting it, foxxx!

But in fact, Mercury is really easy to use, and very powerful, rivalling the top commercial names! You just need to spend some time reading the documentation....

Its working fine here for me.
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Postby foxxx428 » 17. May 2005 09:38

Okay then I don't get it at all. I bought a VERY expensive mail server (Merak Pro) and it works GREAT on my IPB forum ( but I was thinking about switching to VBulletin so I set up a test at and I can't make the mail work on VB for anything! I just don't understand php mail :( I have an $860 mail server so why won't it do php mail? :(
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