Installation Manual - readme_en.txt

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Installation Manual - readme_en.txt

Postby johncrad » 27. April 2005 12:32

Can anybody explain to me what step 4 means in the install manual?

Step 4: PHP (with mod_php, as *.php, *.php4, *.php3, *.phtml), Perl
by default with *.cgi, SSI with *.shtml are all located in
=> \...\xampp\htdocs\.
Beispiele (Examples):
=> \...\xampp\htdocs\test.php => http://localhost/test.php
=> \...\xampp\myhome\test.php => http://localhost/myhome/test.php

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Step4 makes no sence to me either!

Postby sleepless » 27. June 2005 22:06

can anyone anwser this question? My guess is that it has something to do with system values. But I would sure like to know. For some reason i can't seem to execute the localhost/test.php.
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Postby Ceelight » 28. June 2005 10:08

I think: The only meaning is that you have to put all files which you would like to run with XAMPP in ..\htdocs or its subdirectories. test.php doesn't exist. It's an example!
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Postby Sjowhan » 28. June 2005 10:34

Indeed, just an example how to access the folders on the webserver by browser ;)
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