IIS ver Apache

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IIS ver Apache

Postby Tony_P » 20. April 2005 05:01

Hey Guys, I have a little delema, I have had Apache running on a Win 2000 Pro Box, I have recently built a Windows 2003 Enterprise server. Has anyone accomplished merging Apache , PHP and MySql into 2003 server. I have seen alot of posts that state you have to uninstall IIS before implimenting SSL layer in Apache.

I do not use IIS but I use the Terminal services, DNS and DHCP and Mail Services, the Mail binds to IIS and I do not want to downgrade what I have already been running. Is it best to just run a separate Server for web Only, seems it would be a shame to , since the Rig is set up for Multiple Hosting Services.

I could use some professional advise on this before I go Live, Thanx a Bunch.
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