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Getting started

Postby Granden » 19. April 2005 21:58

I have jsut isntalled XMAPP with the latest update for windows, now I wounder how I shall do I have put a password on mysql and used that restrict you could do at the same page.

Now I wounder:
1.) How shall I do to hav a website where everyone shall be able to visit but only the person with right password shall be able to enter the <root>/xmapp/ directory for different edeting of it.

2.) How I put Apache and MySQL as services so they start automaticly when windows starts up.

Edit: 2.) I found out how to isntall apache 2 as a service. I can also say I ranned the file called mysql_installservice.bat but that is giving me error message when trying to install MySQL as a service, the error code is 1067.

Thanks, really need help.
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 19. April 2005 22:10


1.) try searching google for "htaccess"
2.) Is MySQl running from the command line?
If so stop it first and then install as service. If not try starting it from the command line. This usually gives you more detailed error messages.

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Postby Granden » 19. April 2005 23:03

Thansk for the fast answears.

1.) I know what that is, but I have seem that some files like the excel flder is outsite the /htdocs/xmapp folder
so to putting a ".htaccess" in /htdocs/xampp want help much
And if I put in /htdocs I will deny access for my public users.

If you have any suggestion on how I can do Im more then pleased.

For some reason even when I have removed evryfile in the /htdocs except the folders I am getting to /htdocs/xampp when I am entering http://localhost/ I have tried to put a index.html file in the /htdocs folder but it want help.

Also on that problem if you have any suggestion I would be more then pelased.

And please dotn suggest google :D

2.) Solved
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