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Database driven website & search engines

Postby hgtwn » 18. April 2005 22:55

I am creating a multilingual webstie each page available in english, spanish, and portugese pages. if i create a mysql database with all the page text in the data base and have 3 columns (one for each language) when spanish is selected it reads the appropriate row for the current page and the 2nd column (for spanish). If i do this, then i would just use the same page layout, just changin the language for the content. Would a search engine find the english and spanish and portugese versions on the page and be able to index them appropriately? or would it just be better for me to make a 2 subwebsites and put the spanish and portugese versions in there without using the mysql to provide the page content?

Im' sorry this is kind of wordy and confusing, but i'm just trying to decide whether or not to go ahead with the database driven website. If you need me to provide a little more information or some clarity i would be glad to do so. thanks for any input you have on this matter

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