Several questions for intial setup

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Several questions for intial setup

Postby sckoh » 17. April 2005 01:19

I installed the latest lite version again and feel too differcult to set xampp everytime whenever I install upgrade version.

This time again, I have 3 questions;

1. http://localhost points to htdocs folder directly. How can I redirect to htdocs/xampp for initial setup easily? Which file associates redirect?
==>> This may follows httpd.conf/DocumentRoot.

2. In htdocs/xampp/cds.php, line 65,
if(!mysql_connect("localhost","root"," ")) ===>> Shall I input my password here?

3. The most strange thing is that whole DB's are removed right after setting, as you see on the attached snapshot. What it happens?

There were 2 times but I finally installed successfully.
Anyway, I would be much appreciated if you could comment upon my questions.

Thank you, all.
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