Incomplete web pages

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Incomplete web pages

Postby midders » 29. March 2005 17:46

I'm currently running XAMMP 1.4.9 under XP Pro and I have an intermittent problem where I get incomplete web pages produced. The pages in question usually have one or more drop down lists populated through php/mysql and it's usually in the middle of one of the query loops that the page is terminated, but this is not always the case.

I've looked through all the ini files for buffer limitations, query timeouts etc. but can't seem to find anything that works. I've also tried various browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, IE6...) and even switching to Linux; still no joy.

Any help on this would really be appreciated as I'm running out of enthusiasm for the whole project.


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Postby prathapml » 01. April 2005 19:35

Known bug with Apache.
The fix is also described in this forums, try searching for "images".
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