problem reading the whole file?

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problem reading the whole file?

Postby Majd-GFX1 » 29. March 2005 03:11

Hi, xampp works wonderfully...

except for one thing...i can't understand it, for some reason, it doesn't handle include() functions in php very well, my files aren't being included 100%

it's really weird..

im running:
ApacheFriends XAMPP (basic package) version 1.4.12
on Windows XP Home Edition
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Postby sixx » 30. March 2005 00:31

what error are you getting? where are you getting it? and what are you using when getting it? Are you getting this error in forum software etc..?? need more info please...
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Postby keepsedge » 31. March 2005 16:50

I have problems with include () as well try using require () or require_once () for templating. The only prob is that you'll get a fatal error if the script isn't right where with include () the script will issue a warning and continue to run.
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