Apache immediatly disconnecting

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Apache immediatly disconnecting

Postby S.R.U. » 28. March 2005 19:11

when i download the installer for apachefriends and i install it everything goes fine
but when i then open the control panel and i click connect ti apache server it says connection ..... connected and half a second later ..... disconnection.

Also when i start it manualy from the directory it doesn't work

and when i go to the apache monitor i can only press ok, services, connect and exit

now in the control panel and i press refresh and it says the apache server is running (yesss). SO i go to htp://localhost:80 and it gives me an error 404
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Postby prathapml » 01. April 2005 19:39

your httpd.conf is having an invalid line, or your php.ini is configured wrong.
You need to get its paths refreshed by running "xampp_setup.bat"
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