do you know how do Apache Alias?

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do you know how do Apache Alias?

Postby iliad2b » 25. March 2005 12:27


can anyone tell me what the command is to create an Alias in Apache? i downloaded the latest XAMPP installer.

i would like to create the Alias that AMFPHP advises to do:


Using apache Aliases for one gateway for every virtualhost on your system.

* Create an alias in apache for your gateway.php
Alias /gateway.php /path/to/my/gateway.php
* The gateway code looks like this:
$gateway = new Gateway();
$gateway->setBaseClassPath($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/");

i read on modules for Apache, but XAMPP install doesn't seem to support this?

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Postby Maller » 28. March 2005 13:21

Mod_alias is enabled in xampp
just add the line
Alias /gateway.php /path/to/my/gateway.php
to httpd.conf with the right values ofcourse, and then restart your server.

Another way would be to create a file called gateway.php and put the following content in it.
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header("Location: /path/to/my/gateway.php");
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