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Dreaded mail() function with PHPnuke installed over XAMPP

PostPosted: 24. March 2005 10:20
by lsandini
Hello XAMPPers,

I installed XAMPP and PHPnuke to replace my old EasyPHP and OPostnuke website, and I have been happy with the new speed. Pages load faster locally and also from distant clients, downloading images from my gallery now uses all my upload bandwidth, not 50% of it like before.

The I stumbled over a problem, new users couldn't open accounts since the mail() function wouldn't work, same was true about sending feedback through a form. The php.ini was configured correctly to send mails through my ISP's SMTP server, but the server couldn't be reached. It was not an athentication error though.

I installed a freeware mail server, which worked fine with outlook etc... but even when specifying "localhost" in the php.ini, it wouldn't work. So I used a hack to allow my visitors to create accounts without a confirmation email.

I looked for a solution for days in various support forums, without success. I tried one final time before giving up, and it works now. Don't ask what I did, my php.ini is now

[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
SMTP = localhost

; For Win32 only.
sendmail_from =

...and it works fine.

If anyone with the same problem has solved it and knows how, I'd be happy to know what they did.


PostPosted: 25. March 2005 08:49
by prathapml
Hi Lorenzo,
My experience has been almost the same - did not work initially, then I changed something and its mysteriously working now.

Hopefully I will find out what I did and post that for others with the same problem as me.