[solved] broken images

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[solved] broken images

Postby kursk » 23. March 2005 21:44


im using xampp, and i recently found some litte problems.

1- Broken images
I got a simple html file, with some images inside (png files).
When i lod it locally (as a file) in a browser (firefox or ie 6) theres absolutly no problem at all.
When attempting to load it through my webserver, firefox give me a "The image xxx cannot be displayed because it contains errors", and ie give me a red crossed image that means the image is broken.
But as shown locally, the image is fully functionnal, and is readable by any other program.

It seems clearly that apache is messing up somewhere, but where ?

thank you

nb: please forgive my bad english, but my german is worse anyway.

solved by setting EnableSendfile to On is httpd.conf

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