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General Help????

Postby shoffm » 13. March 2005 03:05

I downloaded XAMPP Version 1.4.12 with PHP: 5.0.3. today. I have everything working fine. I point my browser to http://localhost/index.php and I get the XAMPP screen. It was really easy! My question now is how do I build my website? Is there a XAMPP specific how-to anywhere? I am trying to develop a small site for content management and online documents for employee teams. It is running on a windows 2000 computer. Can anyone tell me what to do now? Thanks
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Postby prathapml » 14. March 2005 01:21

Well, XAMPP is based on Apache2, so that's what you'd have to read up on.

Hoping you know how to access your site after xampp has it up and running. If not, then this can be your guide

And how to setup your site is a variable matter, depending on what the site uses. The best I can say here is, read the documentation that already comes with XAMPP itself. And once you're ready for the plunge, just put the files/folders that are concerned with your site, in the "xampp-installed\htdocs\" folder. (you might want to rename the existing index.htm, and also follow the instructions the XAMPP setup gives, about securing your setup).

good luck!
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